Why Politics and Business Does Not Work

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Hey everybody it’s Amused Cynic and today we will be forecasting your future as a business coach, managing constant and published author in real time. Today we will reaching out to small businesses to reach their potential using articles, eBooks and videos with different SEO and ppc strategies to help you reach your goals.

Today we will be talking about business strategies in small and medium sized business and where it’s going in the future.

Really the question today is have you ever considered yourself to be a political animal. A lot of talk in today’s time is how people are surrounding themselves in politics to further their business and financial careers. This article is really about maneuvering in politics to help engage more clients and fiscal gains in small and medium sized businesses and really questions it’s value.

Coming from a small and medium sized business background I’ve been treated to most masterclasses in political behavior simple by observing colleagues and superiors engaged in their favorite past times. Surprisingly I have also observed lots of the same traits in small business. Here at Amused Cynic we like to call this “playing the game” and we want to talk about if it’s simply politically maneuvering or really is it dysfunctional maneuvering that has no place in business.

One of the things we have seen in the workforce is stop having lunch meetings with friends to further our goals and progression in the company. Instead I was told who to have lunch with Monday to Thursday and to reserve who I wanted to have lunch with on Friday.

I was shocked that progression in politics and small business was about meeting with the right people and schmoozing over lunch and golf. It was not about hard work and measurable performance. On the contrary it was about the exact opposite.

start your own home business online

The question we have at amused cynic are we simply naive or was this a common practice among political peers. Unfortunately as I found as my position further that my boss was offering sound advice or so he thought. People are doing this every single day in the political atmosphere.

Particularly it doesn’t have to be this way especially in small and medium sized business outside of the business/political world.

There are many internet marketers such as Todd Falcone, Ray Hidgon and Aaron and Shara to just name a few who build their businesses online and do very well financially meeting and greeting whomever they choose.

We here at Amused Cynics have always went against the political norm where you have to schmooze the right people and take away your dignity in order to keep your jobs to further you career.

If you need to tell your superiors what you think they want to hear even if it’s against what you believe is not a way to do business but it’s known to be happening across the political world.

Perhaps this is the reason why our works at Amused Cynic and our employees have chose not to stay in the common sector and get away from the political side of business as a whole.

However politics is not the only place where these practices are happening and it’s not just confined here. It’s common and pervasive in smaller business outside of the network marketing world as well.

We are seeing a natural progression of people moving over the small business side of things working from home and building business outside of traditional business or political models that are causing problems among the work space.

Politics among business is something we like to call “group think” which is the exact opposite of the way we think here at Amused Cynic. In politics everyone is engaging and agreeing with the same views in order to fit in. We here frown upon such practices. We have been following the Todd Falcone’s and Aaron Shara’s of the world to learn and grow our online presence.

start your own home business online

Much of the downfall in the business world has come down to the herdic tendencies where people will do just about anything to hold on to their job to help please the political business owner.

We can see this happening real time with people like Hillary Clinton and her evil clan taking bribes and money from rich ego centric leaders in other countries that most don’t hear about.

So how do you banish the awful behavior if you’re working in the political world or you see it happening in your traditional business where the owner is taking such bribes or meeting with people just to make a profit?

You do so by breaking away and starting your own business and exhibiting leadership in your business like Aaron Shara, Ray Higdon and other leaders in the mlm community.

You must surround yourself with leaders who are not afraid to go against the norm and willing to take risk while upholding strong business value to grow business over time. You need to challenge the status quo sort of speak.

Diverse opinion and open discussion must be encouraged while building business. The online community is very familiar with these practices.

Kissing the leaders must be discouraged metaphorically speaking of course.

Replace anyone that seems to carry out this political thinking model with people who are open and are open to opinions.

It’s our jobs and entrepreneurs to propose this way of thinking in order to grow business and uphold the correct business standard so in the long run everyone is happy. Honesty and openness in business is really what creates value. Creation in business is about openness and merit not dealing in shady business deals to gain a profit in the short term or even long term.

When people are displaying these political behaviors it’s up to us to to confront them and change as soon as possible. It’s about making policies that there will be zero tolerance for these such behaviors. Assure that the way your doing business rewards the right behaviors and doesn’t take it away. Always encourage diverse opinion and open discussion to create the perfect business model.

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Work from Home with SEO and Get the Real Payment

How much do you know about SEO? It is something that simpler than you think. Remember, the first of it is a kind of activity that attempts to improve the search engine rank. The name of the activity is SEO. The page that displayed by Google considers the relevant theme and authoritative.

It is mostly measured by the way to analyze the number. Not only it, the quality of the links from other web pages also should be measured. You should have web pages that have the potential rank in Google and you have to prepare the other web pages that can link to them.

It means you are ready to encourage people to link to your pages when you can make a great content of your writer. What you have done can be shown on Google because your pages are interesting and authoritative.

Work From Home With SEO

Since Google wants to show the only interesting and authoritative pages in its search results, your page can lead the rank. If you think you need the clear information about it, it is better for you to learn by your own style.

Working from home becomes simple with Google because Google will promote the authority pages to the top of its rank. Now, it is your job to make the authority pages. You have to find something interesting to talk to.

You can share it in blogs, twitter feeds, and more. Google will pick up on these authority signals. Google also creates the strong and sustainable Google rank. All you have to do is only preparing the three steps. It is good if you can write the fantastic and useful content.

It is better to use words and phrases. your products and services will be found by others by using that content words. You need to make something easy for people to share. Do not forget to link it and the last but very important to remember is keep to do it.

It is a simple activity and you can have the great income from it. It is good if you can try to ensure a website. It can be found in search engines for words and phrases relevant to the site. You can control the quality of the websites by it. you have to remember that the most important aspect to notice in SEO is the links.

Do not ever get confuse about the quality and the quantity of your writing content. You also do not need to think about the links in isolation from your content. all you have to do is having a great content massively.

It will increase your chances to have the secure natural links. You can get it from the quality relevant pages. What is the thing you have to consider? You can check about everything in good information first. You have to do it before you do anything but have nothing result.

The one thing you have to keep in your mind is being consistent in writing content.

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Old School MLM And Trending Companies To Look At

When you have no idea where to earn money, you need to look at MLM. There are many MLM companies you can try but there are just several lists of top companies you might be interested to join. It is indeed hard to choose best MLM companies because there is too much number that you have to review and read a lot about the short description about it.

MLM Companies – Trending?

Choosing one of them can be a daunting task and sometimes you may find it difficult to ensure that you are going to choose one of them. Every MLM company has different compensation plan and every company has pros and cons. The most important thing to choose is when you have to make considerations and things to make yourself sure about company you are going to choose.

The most common consideration that you have to make is whether you have read the review or not. Do the reviews tell goods and badness? Do the reviews become your number one source to decide? Do they tell truth? Another consideration is the commission offered for the member. Do they look legit?

Do they give good and easy compensation plan? You have to answer that so you can ensure that you are not wrong to choose best or top MLM companies you have seen in the previous process. Here is the list of top MLM companies you can try to explore and learn about the detail given in the official site of the companies.

Avon Product

What do you think when you are seeing Avon? It has been one of the biggest phenomenon that almost people in MLM world know that Avon is the biggest MLM companies. It runs with perfume, fashion and cosmetics. What makes it legit is the high-quality product and it has more than $11.3 billion every year. You can know how big the company is. You can go to the nearest agent and then ask how to join. You will get the manual book and the instruction for you to join to the company. You may not find the same ease in your previous experience but when you have been interested, you should see it.


Herbalife is an American company that runs in herbal for cosmetics, food supplement. It has more $10.9 billion every year. It is the second biggest company that runs with MLM. We all know that not many companies can do the same with the same system but MLM has helped Herbalife a lot to move forward with biggest revenue. The high-quality products help this company to be one of the biggest MLM companies.

Natura Cosmetics

Another top MLM company is Natura Cosmetics. It has global revenue $3.5 billion. It is the third biggest company that has run to many countries in America and Europe. Moreover, we have known that this company also gives ease for people to join and there are no complicated compensation plans and commissions rules. You can just join and make your own team for your MLM business in Natura Cosmetics.

Global Affiliate Zone Review : Last Quarters Trending MLM Company. We decided to post a current video that should help get familiar with this cool little company.

Hope these reviews helped and you’ll get a bit more familiar with what is out there. There are great companies just waiting for you to join. I personally like to join current trendy companies because the momentum is good. Just make sure you choose the right MLM that will be around for a bit!

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MLM Review: The Fact Behind MLM You Should Know

MLM Business Generic Review

This MLM review will let you know about the fact behind MLM business. teh first thing you should consider is to know the profile of MLM companies you choose and know the things they sold. It is a multi-level marketing and what you have to do is spread this company to others. In this case, you as the affiliation members should market the products or the service. How if there is no products and service? You should market the company’s brand.

You will find the different way of each company to manage their affiliation and make the process of marketing. You also will get the scheme and the payment method including the reward and the process of calculating your salary in the first time you join.
MLM reviews will recommend this business to everybody.

Since you can make your own salary each month and you can make your own working time, this business attracts more than expected. You should remember that it is related to the kind of the company itself. what are the process and the management of the company and what you have to do to exist and get a salary from this company? You should notice some of those things first. Why have you to recruit and what will your downline give for you? what will you get after you sell the product of it? keep it in your mind.

MLM Company Reviews

About the cost of this business, what you have to do is only pay the affiliation members payment. if you continuously active in order or recruit, you can get the long life affiliation member. Rethink again to yourself, are ready to find the way of your MLM major? What MLM review said about your MLM company?

You cannot calculate the reward by yourself because it is too huge to think. Not only salary, you also will get the reward. People who join this business are attracted in its rewards that are spectacular to imagine you will get the passive income, active income if you active and the reward behind it. If you are looking for an instant way to be rich, this is a great way to do. all you have to do is trying to find the great MLM company that will not only give you a promise if you also interested in this kind of business.

MLM Conclusion

You also should make sure they will give you the real fact. Financial freedom is here, and all you have to do is here. you can start to join after you already know the mechanism of its work. Learn about it carefully and read teh MLM review related about your company was chosen.

You should notice well about anything before you make any decision and make sure you invest your money to be the affiliation members in the right way. Are you ready to change your life? Are you ready to have your own working time and create your own salary? If you are ready, do not wait for everything! Start your chance now!

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Facebook Credibility For MLM Company Scam Reviews

Amused Cynic decided tonight was a good time to write about Facebook and if there are credible websites that inform people about marketing and also MLM company reviews. Nowadays it’s not so easy to see what’s legit and what’s a scam out there.

So we were surfing Facebook today checking out different groups and fanpages. There certainly is a ton of information out there on just about every make money online thing going. So what separates one from another? Well that is a great question because most people out there wondering the same thing.

If you’re building a home based type of business or starting a network marketing MLM company it’s hard to get through the noise.

So when looking at one of the many MLM Company Scam Review websites how do you determine who and what to believe. Well first you want to check out the comments. What do people have to say. How much credibility does the site have?

How long has the website been around? Are they focused on just work at home MLM type of business or is there a bunch of other junk on there?

For sure it’s not easy to understand every MLM compensation plan coming out. There are literally dozens of companies starting every day. Very few are legit where most are complete Ponzi Scams.

Maybe you should start with an affiliate type business or reach out to some friends who have been working at home for a while. Seasoned MLM veterans usually know best.  I will also list two or three credible sites below so you know which ones I personally suggest checking out.

But when you start a business do you homework. Don’t jump into some deal and spend all your money.  Because there is a good possibility you could lose it for sure.

Amused Cynic!

Get this MLM Business App:

Direct Selling News App

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How to Grab Your Own Buyers through Facebook?

How to Grab Your Own Buyers through Facebook?

Are you a seller that runs your marketing online? Doing research, applying the research are tiring works in grabbing buyers online. You need to make your own pool and then you need to “feed” too. When you are tired to grab them and you have no idea, try doing more marketing ways. You have to try and do an error to see the effective part of the business marketing you are doing.

There is nothing perfect in first try. There are many ways in online marketing.

You can start with blogging and ad sense and then spread your ads through Google. You can also search and do research on what keywords you have to put on your blog content to ensure that you will get the proper audience for your business. It will take time to know how effective your blog is. Another way to do in online marketing is through social media ads like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Those are the three biggest social media that exist now. You can three of them but research told that Facebook is the biggest deal you can try now. How to grab your own buyers through Facebook? Here we are giving the powerful tips to get your own buyers with Facebook and the ads.

Ways to get

  1. Get the audience first. The best way to grab the right audience is to put the uid and the interest of the people you have got from the audience. The way to get audience is from the Graph. It is an application or extension for your browser to do little research on Facebook to ensure that the audience of your Facebook ads can be matched to the research you have done. You can do from the simplest thing like age you are going to make as the target. For example, if you are t-shirt seller that has special print like teenage quote, you can try to make the research using age and then make specific keywords like best quotes that are popularly used by the teenagers. Once you put into the research, you will be automatically able to understand the way to get the audience.

  2. Specify the target. If you love to share the marketing ads on people that love things, you can specify the search through things they are interested in. For example, if you sell rock t-shirt, you can search the people that love rock band and search the people that might be in certain age and love the certain band that they like. They will be interested once at least, and there are huge chances for the buyers to come to the online shopping site you have built.

  3. Put the specific keyword you have searched from the Graph. This is the last step of using the Graph that you should apply your research on Facebook ads. Once you know the way to put the keywords on Facebook ads, you will see the reaction after weeks of application and just wait patiently.

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Best SEO Tips To Create Momentum With Your Laptop Biz

seo tips

If you want to develop an online business, you need to know and apply proper marketing strategies. Using a earch engine is one of the effective marketing strategies.

For example, you can use Google. If your website/blog is in the top 10 Google search results for the keywords that you aim, it can be ensured that your visitors will come from search engines. There is a big possibility that they will buy the product or use the service that you sell through your website.

Marketing through search engine optimization is considered as the most elite and effective marketing technique since it is free and its conversions are usually high.

These are several steps that must be done to optimize the SEO of a website:

1. Research the keyword

When you make a website for your business, certainly you will make it with a plan. The first important step is to find out the way how people are typing a keyword to get the information that they need in the search engine Google.

You can research the keywords using the Google Adwords:Keyword Tools. This service is provided by Google for free.

2. Keyword on domain

Actually domain must not contain keywords. Some people may say that the keyword on domain is a bad thing because it can be considered as a spam by search engines.

But, entering keywords in the domain will help the search engine to determine the focus of the website. For example, to create a web of SEO services provider or backlink service, you can use a domain kingbacklink.com, kingseo.com, queenseo.com, seomax.com, and others.

Domains that do not use keywords on domain are typically used by website companies, for example: google.com, twitter.com, facebook.com, yahoo.com, detik.com, and others. Basically, keyword on domain is not harmful to your website. You need to use appropriate extensions to the core business. For example, use .com extension for commercial sites.

3. Use right platforms for your website

Actually, no matter if want to build your site using your preferred platform. However, WordPress platform is the best choice if you want to create a Google friendly and user friendly site.

In the WordPress platform, you can also install various plugins that can help SEO activities. It will help to make the appearance of the site looks better.

4. Use Good Permalinks

Make sure that each permalink post contains the title of your post. Good permalinks are very helpful for your seo activities. You will be easier to change the permalinks setting in WordPress.

5. SEO Plugins

WordPress can be installed with several support plugins that will help your SEO. Some WordPress plugins that greatly help your website SEO are: WP Yoast SEO, SEO Friendly Images, Google XML Sitemaps, etc.

6. Use Social Media

Today, there are many people who know twitter, facebook, instagram, Google plus, and other social media. For the owners of the site, having a twitter and facebook account is an obligation.

Those social media are not only going to help the SEO of your website, but also increase visitors to your website.

7. Good quality content

You should make good and original content. Create content for your readers and make them want to read all your content continuously. Regularly update your site with original and interesting content.

How to use SEO in Blogspot

After understanding what SEO is, you need to try learning how to use SEO on blogspot. You need to know some on page SEO techniques.

Some On page SEO techniques can be applied on blogspot, including through the use of templates, the technique of writing articles, keyword selection, filling the description and others.

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Top Marketing Strategies To Blow Up Your Biz

Top Marketing Strategies

Online Marketing Strategy is a process of preparing the communications that have been collated previously with some rules to provide information to someone about the products or services that you are offering on the internet.

In running proper online marketing strategies, all things must be prepared in several plans. In this case, you will not work alone. It can be said that online shop is only known among the middle and upper class society. Lower class society may be difficult to know and buy the product that you sell online. Therefore, online marketing strategies must be planned.

1. Finding way

Looking for a way to attract new customers is one of the online marketing strategies. You need to research the internet market to find booming products. Strategy requires research and trials. You can use online tool for free.

If you want to use software analysis, you should also use the online tool to make sure the accuracy. You can also look for other ways that are suitable with the product that you are selling if the result is less accurate.

2. Content marketing

Once all things are right, you can make the next strategies, such as content creation, marketing and encompass all potential customers. These steps are not difficult, but they take patience. Some customers still do not know about your product and they need a process to be able to choose it.

Thus, content marketing is needed to build new ideas and add their insights about the product you are selling through online. This content is something that can make the visitor know what you are offering. In writing your content, you should have several plans.The plan begins from planning content, creating content, publishing content and promoting content.

Your strategy will not be successful if you do not want to be patient. Building faith is highly required in online business.

3. Traffic

To get many visitors to your website, traffic is very important. There re several things that can help you.

a. SEO

With SEO, your website will appear on the homepage of search engine. To increase your visitor, you should be able to apply SEO. SEO is one way to increase visitor traffic. You will be able to reach all Internet users.

b. Email Marketing

Appliying email marketing services is good way to get a response from the user. It is one way to implement the online marketing strategy.

c. Social Media

The amount of social media user is increased. Social media has always promised to increase the visitors to your website. You should be able to use this way to bring visitors. You can apply several methods such as building community, advertising and much more.

d. Mobile Marketing

Google, one of the largest online marketing companies, stated that internet users will switch to mobile. To enhance the online marketing strategies, you should read and know how to use mobile marketing.

4. Make friendly relationship

You can embrace the visitors in various ways, for example by communicating with a chat service. You can also communicate through the group in social media, so they will know that you are the person they are looking for.

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Bloggers Coming Out The Gate!

The world of blogging blogosphere has spread its roots in every corner of the internet with 23% grip of the online audience. Most of the businesses are going to be performed through blogs. It has gradually become the best and secure way of earning of the individuals that are nowadays known as professional bloggers.

Blogging Purpose

People often think why the blogs are crucial and important. The answer can be found by taking a simple survey. Long ago, the information available on the internet was not enough to meet the needs of the users. A typical way of providing such information emerged in the 1990s to fulfill such demands. But now, everyone rush to work on a blog. By all means, today’s need of blogging is simply earning. Through blogs, people find both learning material and money as well.

Blogging Platforms

Among the rising demands of blogs, free and paid platforms are available to publish your blogs online. WordPress and GoDaddy are two of them.

Blogging Facts & Figures

In counting, you must know that there are more than 1.5 billion of blogs. Each new one come on the web in each second. With such increasing numbers, the major portion of the traffic turns toward the blogs. If you post nearly 20 to 50 posts then you can gain audience up to 30% faster.

If we talk about the age group being working on the blogs, then according to an estimate young age people typically of 21 years to 35 years are up in the blogging area. This age group is known to earn money so it is not wrong to say that the major portion of the web earning is through blogging and the web contents that we read are also the fruits of blogging.

In old times, people used to read newspapers but now this job is performed through blogs. Blogs provide necessary and authentic info to the readers. It is found that the audience read blogs from 7am to 10am of local time. Commonly, brands are targeted so to gain the attention of the traffic towards the own blog. It constitutes in 68% of the audience attention.

If we take a linguistic approach, it is quite interesting to know that among 60% of the English blogs, the rest of them are mainly in Urdu.

Mostly, people are looking for an SEO blog through a wealth point of view. Internet marketers are completely dependent on the blogs because 68% of them promote their markets through the help of blogging. Their motto is that “Blogs are the backbone of online marketing”.

On average, people spend their money for purchasing the products through the advice of blogs. To become a trusted blog writer, you must keep your targeted audience updated regularly. It is estimated that 61% of online buyers buy via blogs recommendations.

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