Bloggers Coming Out The Gate!

The world of blogging blogosphere has spread its roots in every corner of the internet with 23% grip of the online audience. Most of the businesses are going to be performed through blogs. It has gradually become the best and secure way of earning of the individuals that are nowadays known as professional bloggers.

Blogging Purpose

People often think why the blogs are crucial and important. The answer can be found by taking a simple survey. Long ago, the information available on the internet was not enough to meet the needs of the users. A typical way of providing such information emerged in the 1990s to fulfill such demands. But now, everyone rush to work on a blog. By all means, today’s need of blogging is simply earning. Through blogs, people find both learning material and money as well.

Blogging Platforms

Among the rising demands of blogs, free and paid platforms are available to publish your blogs online. WordPress and GoDaddy are two of them.

Blogging Facts & Figures

In counting, you must know that there are more than 1.5 billion of blogs. Each new one come on the web in each second. With such increasing numbers, the major portion of the traffic turns toward the blogs. If you post nearly 20 to 50 posts then you can gain audience up to 30% faster.

If we talk about the age group being working on the blogs, then according to an estimate young age people typically of 21 years to 35 years are up in the blogging area. This age group is known to earn money so it is not wrong to say that the major portion of the web earning is through blogging and the web contents that we read are also the fruits of blogging.

In old times, people used to read newspapers but now this job is performed through blogs. Blogs provide necessary and authentic info to the readers. It is found that the audience read blogs from 7am to 10am of local time. Commonly, brands are targeted so to gain the attention of the traffic towards the own blog. It constitutes in 68% of the audience attention.

If we take a linguistic approach, it is quite interesting to know that among 60% of the English blogs, the rest of them are mainly in Urdu.

Mostly, people are looking for an SEO blog through a wealth point of view. Internet marketers are completely dependent on the blogs because 68% of them promote their markets through the help of blogging. Their motto is that “Blogs are the backbone of online marketing”.

On average, people spend their money for purchasing the products through the advice of blogs. To become a trusted blog writer, you must keep your targeted audience updated regularly. It is estimated that 61% of online buyers buy via blogs recommendations.

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