Why Politics and Business Does Not Work

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Hey everybody it’s Amused Cynic and today we will be forecasting your future as a business coach, managing constant and published author in real time. Today we will reaching out to small businesses to reach their potential using articles, eBooks and videos with different SEO and ppc strategies to help you reach your goals.

Today we will be talking about business strategies in small and medium sized business and where it’s going in the future.

Really the question today is have you ever considered yourself to be a political animal. A lot of talk in today’s time is how people are surrounding themselves in politics to further their business and financial careers. This article is really about maneuvering in politics to help engage more clients and fiscal gains in small and medium sized businesses and really questions it’s value.

Coming from a small and medium sized business background I’ve been treated to most masterclasses in political behavior simple by observing colleagues and superiors engaged in their favorite past times. Surprisingly I have also observed lots of the same traits in small business. Here at Amused Cynic we like to call this “playing the game” and we want to talk about if it’s simply politically maneuvering or really is it dysfunctional maneuvering that has no place in business.

One of the things we have seen in the workforce is stop having lunch meetings with friends to further our goals and progression in the company. Instead I was told who to have lunch with Monday to Thursday and to reserve who I wanted to have lunch with on Friday.

I was shocked that progression in politics and small business was about meeting with the right people and schmoozing over lunch and golf. It was not about hard work and measurable performance. On the contrary it was about the exact opposite.

start your own home business online

The question we have at amused cynic are we simply naive or was this a common practice among political peers. Unfortunately as I found as my position further that my boss was offering sound advice or so he thought. People are doing this every single day in the political atmosphere.

Particularly it doesn’t have to be this way especially in small and medium sized business outside of the business/political world.

There are many internet marketers such as Todd Falcone, Ray Hidgon and Aaron and Shara to just name a few who build their businesses online and do very well financially meeting and greeting whomever they choose.

We here at Amused Cynics have always went against the political norm where you have to schmooze the right people and take away your dignity in order to keep your jobs to further you career.

If you need to tell your superiors what you think they want to hear even if it’s against what you believe is not a way to do business but it’s known to be happening across the political world.

Perhaps this is the reason why our works at Amused Cynic and our employees have chose not to stay in the common sector and get away from the political side of business as a whole.

However politics is not the only place where these practices are happening and it’s not just confined here. It’s common and pervasive in smaller business outside of the network marketing world as well.

We are seeing a natural progression of people moving over the small business side of things working from home and building business outside of traditional business or political models that are causing problems among the work space.

Politics among business is something we like to call “group think” which is the exact opposite of the way we think here at Amused Cynic. In politics everyone is engaging and agreeing with the same views in order to fit in. We here frown upon such practices. We have been following the Todd Falcone’s and Aaron Shara’s of the world to learn and grow our online presence.

start your own home business online

Much of the downfall in the business world has come down to the herdic tendencies where people will do just about anything to hold on to their job to help please the political business owner.

We can see this happening real time with people like Hillary Clinton and her evil clan taking bribes and money from rich ego centric leaders in other countries that most don’t hear about.

So how do you banish the awful behavior if you’re working in the political world or you see it happening in your traditional business where the owner is taking such bribes or meeting with people just to make a profit?

You do so by breaking away and starting your own business and exhibiting leadership in your business like Aaron Shara, Ray Higdon and other leaders in the mlm community.

You must surround yourself with leaders who are not afraid to go against the norm and willing to take risk while upholding strong business value to grow business over time. You need to challenge the status quo sort of speak.

Diverse opinion and open discussion must be encouraged while building business. The online community is very familiar with these practices.

Kissing the leaders must be discouraged metaphorically speaking of course.

Replace anyone that seems to carry out this political thinking model with people who are open and are open to opinions.

It’s our jobs and entrepreneurs to propose this way of thinking in order to grow business and uphold the correct business standard so in the long run everyone is happy. Honesty and openness in business is really what creates value. Creation in business is about openness and merit not dealing in shady business deals to gain a profit in the short term or even long term.

When people are displaying these political behaviors it’s up to us to to confront them and change as soon as possible. It’s about making policies that there will be zero tolerance for these such behaviors. Assure that the way your doing business rewards the right behaviors and doesn’t take it away. Always encourage diverse opinion and open discussion to create the perfect business model.

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