Facebook Credibility For MLM Company Scam Reviews

Amused Cynic decided tonight was a good time to write about Facebook and if there are credible websites that inform people about marketing and also MLM company reviews. Nowadays it’s not so easy to see what’s legit and what’s a scam out there.

So we were surfing Facebook today checking out different groups and fanpages. There certainly is a ton of information out there on just about every make money online thing going. So what separates one from another? Well that is a great question because most people out there wondering the same thing.

If you’re building a home based type of business or starting a network marketing MLM company it’s hard to get through the noise.

So when looking at one of the many MLM Company Scam Review websites how do you determine who and what to believe. Well first you want to check out the comments. What do people have to say. How much credibility does the site have?

How long has the website been around? Are they focused on just work at home MLM type of business or is there a bunch of other junk on there?

For sure it’s not easy to understand every MLM compensation plan coming out. There are literally dozens of companies starting every day. Very few are legit where most are complete Ponzi Scams.

Maybe you should start with an affiliate type business or reach out to some friends who have been working at home for a while. Seasoned MLM veterans usually know best.  I will also list two or three credible sites below so you know which ones I personally suggest checking out.

But when you start a business do you homework. Don’t jump into some deal and spend all your money.  Because there is a good possibility you could lose it for sure.

Amused Cynic!

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