Government by fiat…”I won…”


So, is everyone starting to “get it” now? Do we all understand what Obamalinskyism is all about? Are we all on the same page, bunkies?

Obamalinsky made his plans known to “Joe the Plumber.” He is about “redistribution.” In “health care,” he will do this not by “insuring the uninsured,” but by ensuring that everyone gets the same reduced level of “care.” He cannot confiscate wealth, but he can de-value it through hyper-inflation; what you think you have socked away in the bank or in the markets all boils down to the value of the dollar….which is dependent upon “the full faith and credit of the United States government.”

Which used to mean something. Do you see what is happening? By destroying our currency, Obamalinsky is doing what the 9/11 terrorists had hoped to do: bring our economic engine to a halt. This man is the greatest terrorist in the history of the world. He can make our currency as worthless as the paper it’s printed on, and that’s what he intends to do. Then we will all be “equal.” And we will “start over.” Just like Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, and Hugo Chavez envisioned.

So, this morning comes the official announcement that Obamalinsky has declared–by fiat–that he can take control of the entire U.S. economy by virtue of declaring that Carbon Dioxide is an “endangering” pollutant. An emergency! Never let a good emergency go to waste, right? Lots of smart people are pointing out that this is patently unconstitutional, a fraud, a sham. But what are we going to do about it. Litigate for years?

We have a “Justice Department” that brazenly permits voter intimidation, as long as the intimidators are of the right ethnicity. And segregates violent crimes as “hate crimes” or other, again according to a peculiar racial quotient. Hey…you about to be ruled by da black man, cracker!

How’s that imaginary hip black friend working out for ya, you Peggy Lipton “Mod Squad” wannabees? You like those czars, you like the “transparency?” Here’s what your dear leader thinks of you, useful idiots.

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