Bachmann-Specter Overdrive….

Great new band name, don’t you think? If there was ever any doubt that 80-year-old Snarlin’ Arlen needs to be put out to pasture, this clip from a local radio talk show should put it to rest. Pat Toomey is running well ahead of him in polls (it’s early, but still), and this little exchange with Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann is guaranteed to show up in the last minute ad blitz.

Arlen’s gonna get Coakleyed, big-time. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

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Onetime Republican Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, whose jump over to the Democratic Party last year turned his name into a political verb for switching sides whenever it’s convenient, may have stepped in something messy last week.

The 80-year-old new Democrat, who’s seeking a sixth term but facing a defiant primary challenge from combative Rep. Joe Sestak, was on a Philadelphia radio station debating Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann.

Normally the, uh, outspoken Bachmann, a “tea party” fave, would be a perfect foil for a Democrat like Specter.

Bachmann was going on and on about killing “ObamaCare” and cutting taxes and common-sense conservatism. Hey, you talk till the ref blows the whistle.

And WPHT’s Dom Giordano was enjoying the flap, as radio hosts are wont to do.

From Hyscience, I loved commenter Mike’s remark: Specter going down in a hail of magic ballots.

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4 Responses to Bachmann-Specter Overdrive….

  1. Woodwork says:

    No one ever really wanted to hear Arlen getting his groove on with a “Lady.”

    Arlen’s move during Pillow talk: “act like a lady.”

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  3. GWPersson says:

    This is why the Republicans didn’t lose a thing when he left. God Bless Michelle Bachmann.

  4. Hindoo says:

    God bless Michelle Bachmann? The woman’s insane! … But I must say, I’m not overly impressed with Obama’s first year in office. I’m thinking that this country is so divided that it’s ingovernable. … Arlen Specter is a hard guy to warm up to. I liked him better as a Republican. As much as I dislike Bachmann, Specter was waaaaaaaaay out of line with his remarks.

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