“The Owl Who Was God”

This strikes me as a good time to link to the classic James Thurber fable.

James Thurber
“The Owl Who Was God”

Once upon a starless midnight there was an owl who sat on the branch of an oak tree. Two ground moles tried to slip quietly by, unnoticed. “You!” said the owl. “Who?” they quavered, in fear and astonishment, for they could not believe it was possible for anyone to see them in that thick darkness. “You two!” said the owl. The moles hurried away and told the other creatures of the field and forest that the owl was the greatest and wisest of all animals because he could see in the dark and because he could answer any question. “I’ll see about that, “said a secretary bird, and he called on the owl one night when it was again very dark. “How many claws am I holding up?” said the secretary bird. “Two,” said the owl, and that was right. “Can you give me another expression for ‘that is to say’ or ‘namely?’” asked the secretary bird. “To wit,” said the owl. “Why does the lover call on his love?” “To woo,” said the owl.

The secretary bird hastened back to the other creatures and reported that the owl indeed was the greatest and wisest animal in the world because he could see in the dark and because he could answer any question. “Can he see in the daytime, too?” asked a red fox? “Yes,” answered a dormouse and a French poodle. “Can he see in the daytime, too?” All the other creatures laughed loudly at this silly question, and they set upon the red fox and his friends and drove them out of the region. They sent a messenger to the owl and asked him to be their leader.

When the owl appeared among the animals it was high noon and the sun was shining brightly. He walked very slowly, which gave him an appearance of great dignity, and he peered about him with large, staring eyes, which gave him an air of tremendous importance. “He’s God!” screamed a Plymouth rock hen. And the others took up the cry “He’s God!” So they followed him wherever he went and when he bumped into things they began to bump into things, too. Finally he came to a concrete highway and he started up the middle of it and all the other creatures followed him. Presently a hawk, who was acting as outrider, observed a truck coming toward them at fifty miles an hour, and he reported to the secretary bird and the secretary bird reported to the owl. “There’s danger ahead,” said the secretary bird. “To wit?” said the owl. The secretary bird told him. “Aren’t you afraid?” he asked. “Who?” said the owl calmly, for he could not see the truck. “He’s God!” cried all the creatures again, and they were still crying “He’s God” when the truck hit them and ran them down. Some of the animals were merely injured, but most of them, including the owl, were killed.

Moral: You can fool too many of the people too much of the time.

From: James Thurber, Fables for Our Time and Famous Poems Illustrated (New York, 1940), pp. 35-36.

As has been the case with many of my favorite right-of-center bloggers, I’ve felt kind of reticent lately. I feel a tad deflated, sure, but mostly I’m in the position of trying to figure out what I actually think this all means. I mean the political fall-out. My initial reaction is that the American people have brought a Trojan horse into their midst, and as they celebrate their hopey-changiness, they are going to suffer the fate of Troy. I think that is the actual truth of the matter. I think this is a disaster, a catastrophe for the Republic. We have empowered dictators, and most of our fellow citizens–even the “smart” ones— are too uneducated to realize it, despite their fabulous credentials.

Only the Bitter Clingers ever really got it….and the Obama Youth Army will be out for us, soon enough. I finally have a sense of what Michelle Obama must have been feeling for all those years….a lack of pride in my country. I don’t even feel safe. I think that those who flipped a coin and felt good about “voting for the black guy, isn’t this cool?” are going to rue their flippant decision, but will be too late. The Perfect Storm is here in the form of Obama/Reid/Pelosi/Emanuel. We are well and truly screwed. They will never allow our “democratic system” to revert to a true democratic republic again. Those of you who thought you were cleverly “speaking truth to power” are about to find out what happens when spoken truth meets raw power. You fools.

You think I’m overstating the case? Well, Obama won’t face an election spending audit, but McCain will. Watch what is happening in Minnesota, and the other as-yet undecided Senate races, as Big Leader rips out the veto-proof majority he needs to control the entire government. Next time, they won’t even bother with the formality. We are screwed. We will not see a normal American government again in our lifetimes, barring a true revolution. They will use our Civility against us.

The Anchoress has a great post up this morning, focusing on a Camille Paglia piece that I’ve been sending around to my friends and family for several days, and she also adds this terrific but depressing piece to the mix (Sally Zelikovsky is my new hero). Christopher Hitchens also explained, eloquently, exactly why we shouldn’t have elected Obamessiah. Problem: both of these elegant thought-masters voted for Darth—-my shorthand for Obama/Pelosi/Reid—-and now we will be reduced to Princess Leia status. Help me, Obi-Wan….you’re my only hope.

Neo-neocon spoke the best single line from this pathetic election, one that will become the revolutionary epithet in years to come, provided the American people have enough gonads to have a revolutionary epithet, which I am not sure they will:

if you’re hoping a candidate won’t keep his/her campaign promises, it’s really not such a hot idea to vote for that candidate.

Thank you Buckley, Noonan, Brooks, Parker, et al…..you helped do this to us. Enjoy your next conservative cruise to Alaska, and please give the Palins–the last normal public family in America–my sincere regards.

RELATED: The Wide Awake Cafe stayed awake the other night to catch McCain on Leno, and found McCain’s defense of his wing-person less than heroic.

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2 Responses to “The Owl Who Was God”

  1. kentuckymom says:

    An excellent piece today, driver. You have expressed my mood of late. And I am sad today as I put together my daughter’s “Senior Ad” for her yearbook, poring over pictures, remembering very good times that passed much too quickly and were often taken for granted. And I am sad for our country. I want to grab our youth by the shoulders and tell them not to be taken captive by the Owl. Yes, they “voted for the cool guy” and don’t yet realize they may have also given away their precious freedom. The perfect storm, indeed, is brewing and is on the horizon.

  2. Joseph says:

    Manipulative and unprincipled agents always use the civility of good people against them. Thrasymachus in the Republic makes the case well that nice guys finish last. Honor and integrity count for some consolation, though . . . At the end of the day, do you really want to be part of the MoveOn crowd?

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