2008 LOTR redux for 2012…

A few weeks before the last presidential election, it was clear that the forces of socialist darkness were massing to overwhelm the tradition of Western civilization, so I decided to have a little fun with a “Lord of the Rings” analogy. So, it was fun to see the theme taken up again in time for the new, improved final battle between good and evil coming next year, here. Of course, the cast of characters in the modern version has changed; Some, such as Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson have become irrelevant. But it was interesting to me to see that my version and the newer one agree that George Soros is Sauron. I still think Sarah Palin is more Eowyn than Arwen. A repost of my 2008 version follows (the big news then was that Colin Powell had jumped ship and endorsed Obama, which thoroughly ticked me off, as will be evident).


The more I think about Rachel’s post from the other day, the more I think of how totally appropriate and brilliant it was. What did you think that Obama “O” logo was all about, anyway—if not the sign of the Ringwraith Master? How else to explain the insanity of Obamamania? One ring to rule them all, and in the darkness, bind them…

I disagree significantly with Rachel’s casting, though….Sauron is not the MSM….perhaps Sauron is Soros? The MSM are the Orcs, clearly. Clearly. There can be no argument here. They have nothing going on in their own lives, except the mindless furthering of their master’s machinations. And they will eat each other, or any other living creature, too.

Charlie Gibson is a Battle Troll—a mindless creature given great destructive power for no apparent reason. Katie Couric is the similarly mindless Shelob. More casting calls as I have time. Great, great analogy though–the presidential campaign of 2008 and LOTR. Brilliant. The NYT represents the Nazgul.

So, as I was driving home from New Haven yesterday afternoon, driving in to the worst sun glare I’ve ever seen in my life—sun glare like The Eye of Sauron, which was causing massive congestion on I-95 AND the Merrit Parkway….
….and I was listening to traffic reports on the radio interspersed with endless reports of Colin Powell [isn't he Denethor, First Steward of Gondor in our little analogy???] endorsing The One, and I was thinking to myself, what a politically gutless bureaucratic swine he is. Too strong, you say? Pah! He could have thrown his hat into the ring a long time ago, but he lacked the gonads.

What courage, General, to endorse The One when all the polls show him winning anyway. As someone else said, agent of change? No guilt at throwing all those stodgy white guys under the bus….the ones that pushed you up for a 4-Star Generalship, National Security Advisor, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Secretary of State. Yeah, where were all those Democrats who were promoting that kind of “generational change” that you now crave, back then? You big phony. And you’re a sissy, too, because if you had real political stones, you’d have come out earlier, rather than waiting to see who you think would win. Disappointing, but not altogether unexpected.

Speaking of Colin Powell/Denethor, The Concerned Jewish Ladies of The Main Line are back at it again, calling and emailing me to let me know that General Powell has thrown himself on the funeral pyre, and that I really should save myself. So are some of my WASP country club friends. And let’s not even talk about my rock’n'roll buddies, who went into the tank two years ago. My over-educated, underemployed friends. Those darn rings again.

The Rings of Power explain it all, the fanatical support that various tribes have for their own enslavement. Just like LOTR. The fact that they’re all calling me, however, shows that they know this thing isn’t in the bag yet in Pennsylvania….which makes me happy. Oh, and The Daily Kos is Gollum….“We wantssss the Preciousssss……’

I still think that there is no question that Sarah Palin is Eowyn in this political adaptation of LOTR, but I don’t have time, or the memory, to go back and put faces on all the other characters. Is Joe the Plumber “Treebeard?” Wouldn’t that be wonderful…..

Open casting call: feel free to participate with comments, if so desired. This is not our day to die.

UPDATE: Mixing ring movies here, I know, but I still think we can fight back against the O….

UPDATE: Byron York on the “Army of Joes” facing off with the MSM Orcs….this is not our day to die.

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