As if the idea of an Obama presidency weren’t ridiculous-enough already….

….enter Jimmuh Carter. Oh, and please give him an “all-access” backstage pass, this should be great. I love it when real life imitates parody. The most ridiculous president of modern times—the one who left us with the Iran problem now festering—deigns to give advice to the most ridiculous “serious” candidate of modern times. Yes, Jimmy Carter is advising that Obama not take Hillary as a running mate, because he favors “a person who can compensate for (Obama’s) obvious potential defects….” ….so says the president most possessed of the most obvious and egregious such defects ever seen in that office. I say, give me the Jimmuh and Jerruh [Wright] show, 24/7, from now through October. By then, the voting public will have an accurate picture of who the cipher Obama really is.

I have been very un-bloggy lately….partly due to rebuilding my hacked site, partly because there are a lot of people saying what I’m thinking quite excellently, so why be superfluous? I’m also preparing for a two-week trip to California with my family, so there’s a distraction (more on that later.) And, I am really sick of this whole campaign “season.”

Both the Anchoress and Neo-neocon have been doing great work keeping up with the increasingly obvious–and disturbing–absurdity of the Obama candidacy. So many conventional pundits are calling the Obama candidacy “historic.” I am stuck seeing the historic shallowness of an electorate in which so many of my fellow-citizens could so fervently embrace such a manifestly defective candidate. As Bill Bennett recently put it at NRO’s “The Corner” (my emphasis):

…the Democratic party is about to nominate a far left candidate in the tradition of George McGovern, albeit without McGovern’s military and political record. The Democratic party is about to nominate a far-left candidate in the tradition of Michael Dukakis, albeit without Dukakis’s executive experience as governor. The Democratic party is about to nominate a far left candidate in the tradition of John Kerry, albeit without Kerry’s record of years of service in the Senate. The Democratic party is about to nominate an unvetted candidate in the tradition of Jimmy Carter, albeit without Jimmy Carter’s religious integrity as he spoke about it in 1976. Questions about all these attributes (from foreign policy expertise to executive experience to senatorial experience to judgment about foreign leaders to the instructors he has had in his cultural values) surround Barack Obama. And the Democratic party has chosen him.

It is astonishing, breathtaking in its patent assumption that the American electorate has the decision-making power of adolescent groupies. I am confident that this is wrong. I think the patent absurdity of this whole thing will be gaggingly obvious by the time real votes are cast in the fall.

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