How the NutRoots celebrate the Fourth…The “Me Generation” strikes again….

You may have seen this already. What an embarrassing way to welcome 70 new citizens to our country. President Bush, addressing the new citizens just prior to their taking of the oath of allegiance, was interrupted by three or four Code-Pinko types, who come up with such original epithets as “war criminal” and “facist” to hurl at our soon-to-be former president. I’ve become immune to such a lack of classiness on their part, but still, I was struck by the difference between the loons in the funny suits shouting words they couldn’t write a cogent definition of, and the very classy new citizens who showed the respect that the occasion warranted, regardless of how they felt about this particular president or his policies.

Another display of utter churlishness was made by the former editorial page editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer, my hometown’s liberal rag. Every bit as sanctimoniously self-centered as the Code Pinkers, Chris Satullo penned this little gem, which drew appropriate opprobrium from across the blogosphere, notably including BlackFive

The Fourth of July does mean alot of things to me….

* Freedom for 50 million Muslims (ask those who turned on AQI in the Awakening how they like their freedom)
* The death of those that would steal freedom from all freedom loving people.
* The liberation of countries from the yoke of tyranny (including our own) by the spending of American blood and American treasure. Countries like France, Germany, Japan, Romania, Latvia, Poland, Panama, Egypt, Libya, and Italy; just to throw out a couple names.
* Our independence from a monarchy who willfully and purposefully agitated and abused it’s own subjects.
* The recognition that America is a special place, and despite her faults, and the mistakes that she has made, she still is a place that people still walk, run, stand in line, stow away, sneak, lie, cheat, beg, borrow, and steal to get into because of the freedoms we say that American citizens have in this country.

Our founders were great men, who knew the value of life and what it meant to spend it in the pursuit of the goal that all men should be free. They also knew what evil lay in the hearts of men and that laws were no good unless backed by some force of good to administer them. They knew what would happen when they signed the Declaration of Independence. They also knew how hard they would have to fight in order to achieve what they sought.

The notion of “rights” was important to them and they understood that the recognition of rights involved cooperation in the social contract and mutual cooperation and recognition of one another and that each was equal.

There are many of us today that know that as well. The foreign fighter I capture in a walled compound in Stogana is not the inheritor of those rights we hold so dear, because he would not grant us the same quarter. His notion of rights is that of an animal. He would enslave you and I Chris. Without so much as a thought about it.

and The Anchoress.

America is certainly imperfect, but there is much to be proud of…but not for this fellow. He says focus only on the negatives and spew as much hate as possible. Sing a dirge. Beat the breast. Baaaad, bad, America. Now, don’t forget to vote for the Democrat!

My own response, sent to the Inquirer, using Mr. Satullo’s own sorry words, did not make the cut list for publication, so I’ll put it here, with apologies to Dr. Seuss: The Grinch Who Stole Independence Day….

Every Who down in Philly
Liked fireworks a lot….
But The Grinch, who wrote for The Inky,
Did NOT!

“Put the fireworks in storage!
And scrap the parade!
Tuck the speeches in drawers!
And wallow in shame.”

“So put out no flags….
And sing me no hymns…
Kneel down, America…
Atone for your sins!”

UPDATE: Do read this remarkable piece from Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette, on COL George “Bud” Day, (Ret., MOH), from whom we will be hearing much more during this upcoming campaign, no doubt. He was John McCain’s “roomie” at the Hanoi Hilton.

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