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Well my bags are backed, I’m ready to go….I’m hanging around waiting for the airport limo. In twelve hours or so, God willing, I’ll be arguing in defense of my country in Paris. As always, it will be a distinct honor and a great privilege.

I don’t have a lot of time today, obviously, so I’m just going to riff on a couple of posts the Anchoress put up the other day. First, this one. I like the president, too, and I never tire of defending him. He’s far from perfect, but he is 100% mensch (I’m not Jewish, but I grew up in Brooklyn.) I think history will judge him to have been a good and important president, but however that turns out, he will have been a damn good man.

She also mentioned Medal of Honor recipient Roy Benavidez, who was mentioned by John McCain recently. I’ve never had honor of meeting him, but I know of him because I know others who are in that line of work. Last April, I stood in the Hall of Honor outside of the auditorium in Colonel Aaron Bank Hall at Fort Bragg, and SGT Benavidez’s picture was up there along side the other MOH recipients from the Special Forces Regiment.

I was there to be with an old friend who was receiving the Distinguished Service Cross. Being there, among those people, was the most humbling experience of my life, and I don’t humble easily. As I wandered around, looking at the pictures and memorabilia, surrounded by triple-tabbed SF soldiers, I caught the name tag of an officer who was walking by, the name of a true legend. His father was one of Roy Benavidez’s comrades in MACV-SOG….the name is usually preceded by “the late, great…” and it rhymes with those words. His famous handlebar mustache was carefully removed from his face when he passed on, and now hangs on the wall, framed, in a hallway of the Delta compound.

When my friend received his award, he said that he had been “privileged to walk in the company of heroes.” More people should understand what it is that these folks do for us every day.

I am now off to do verbal battle with a bunch of pointy-head French intellectuals. Adieu.


And a H/T to Greyhawk for this great military music link.

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